Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fraud of arindam chaudhary which media will never report

our mainstream media will never report the fraud of this man calld arindam chaudhary,-ever thought why. ?

Educational institutions(read iipm) are the largest contributor of advertisment revenue for both print and electronic media.

Its  also nota a coincident that mr.chaudhary is most vocal supportor of media fraud(vir_barkha),which came out from radia tapes.
Here is full story of this fraud man
Once upon a time there was a pony-tailed guy called Arindam Chaudhary who had a famous dad who had worked at IIMB and was on some planning commission n stuff! So our Arindam decided to leverage dad's legacy and his ponytail to start IIPM - an effort to achieve his great Indian dream! Currently the dream is something like this: 1) You have IIPM centres at every major city... all it takes is a few rooms in some fancy building. These buildings are splashed across full page ads in Education Times with Mr. Pony Tail and his best selling book. 2) IIPM's admission process is a farce. Almost everyone who applies gets selected coz they have so many centres and they squeeze somewhere around 250-300 students per bacth. They also run multiple batches like Autumn Batch, Spring Batch etc. 3) I visited their Delhi centre for a fest. Imagine a Bschool fest with competitions like dancing, rangoli, collage making. The faculty is mostly IIPM passouts and most of them can be mistaken for students. Infact girl students were teasing each other about their male teachers. I dont think anyone of them knows the first thing about management education 4) Infra wise I dont know if IIPM has heard of a full- fledged computer centre, the library was nowhere to be seen. Its only that building.. thats it! And here's why I am writing all this piece. Coz I hate Arindam Chaudhary... he makes more money than me even though I am from a top 10 B school. I hate his genius.. fooling so many students for so long takes a lot of cretivity and ingenuity. The fees are steep.. about 4 lakhs and there are enough rich kids around who will pay just to get that MBA! Pay some survey people.. get a no. 4 ranking on something called Industry interface and spalsh it in media. The gullible idiots out there wont read the fine print. The IIPM brochure looks like that of a Honeymoon resort... so no wonder Arindam has catered to his target audience.. rich kids who r looking for a 'good' time for 2 years! But then so many middle- class n poor students are also falling into this trap! But then those who do.. deserve it! As for Placements... half the rich kids go back to their businesses... the rest join call centres or end up job less. The rest join IIPM as faculty I think! Boy the government should ban such places. I am sure they dont have a single Phd on their faculty, screw the phd they wudnt have one faculty with more than 5 years experience. Meanwhile.. Arindam decided to fool more people by making shit movies lie "Rok sako toh.. rok lo"!


  1. well u hit the bulls eye... i like the part were you admit his genius and that u hate it!... Well most con artist are like this.... u are intrigued, then u are conned , then u realise ur conned... Its only in hindsight u hate such people. ..Well dont u think he is fingering all us critics.. by the movie title "Rok sako toh..rok lo"! good stuff.. let see how long this circus will last..

  2. HI Dr Susu,

    Thanks for your article. I was skeptical about this guy and that s what lead me to your article.
    which gave me much more info about this fraud in our country. these crooked people fight for corruption when they them self are corrupted.
    if you have more updated info please write again.

  3. Very true article.I too hate pony-tailed guy called Arindam Chaudhary because of fraud . Some of my friend belong to middle class family were ex-student of IIPM , truly advised not to join IIPM.